Tuesday, November 11, 2014

The Chirstmas List of a Horse Crazy Girl ;)

To all my friends and family ... just in case you were looking for the perfect gift for "moi" ;)

Breyer Model Horse Stuff: Traditional size 
1.Breyer horses truck and trailer ... $80.00 each (sold seperatly) I know it's a lot but it's worth it ;) Traditional horses can be found at Hobby Town USA

2.Breyer horse "Ballou" ... $39.99  Just so you know all Breyers costs about that much unless you find them at Tuesday Morning then they are way cheaper  like $19.99

3.Newmarcket Blanket traditional size... $9.99 the more the better I have lots of horses 

4.Hunter/Jumper bridle traditional size... $11.99 again feel free to repeat purchase

5.English Riding Accessory Set traditional size...$19.99 need to go along with bridle

Schleich Model Horse Stuff
1. I would really like the barn.... The cream one with the red roof.... It is at hobby town USA and toysrus

2. The horse washing stall.... Hobby town USA...I think it is $25.00

3. The pony and cart....hobby town USA .... I think it is $25.00

4. As many plaid horse (not pony)  blankets as I can get...I think they are $5.99 each at hobby town USA 

5. Oh ya....I need the truck / jeep to pull the trailer I already have... I think it is at hobby town and toysrus for $34.99

Riding Stuff for "moi"
1. Saddleseat saddle ... I know this is a big ticket item... But I have grown out of my old saddle.... so I kind of really need this 

2. Dressage Saddle... and, since I am learning dressage now, I kind of need one of these too.

3. saddle pads... $19.99 at Dover Saddlery plus $9.99 if you decided to get it monogrammed... Orders must be made online before Dec 7 for the holidays .... Hint... Hint ;D

To be continued...

Happy cantering :D