Thursday, February 12, 2015

Tips from the Barn: add a little Charm

As the blankets and sheets were being pulled out of the storage bin preparing for the cold night... I asked my instructor, "how do you know who's is who's ?"  She replied, "some people write there name on the inside of the blanket, but that can look a little messy.... So I like to use dog tags."

DOG TAGS!!! How ingenious is that!!! So my mom and I were on the hunt to find dog tags... Then we came up with the idea to use fancy little bling-bling charms from the craft store in the jewelry making section... LOVE IT!!! 
We got the little bedazzled "J" for $2.50.
And I even made a cute little charm bracelet with the leftover charms to match my boy Johnny ;o)
We have the same heart ;o)... Get it! hahaha XD
happy cantering