Friday, April 17, 2015

Working on my show caboodle

My horse show season is about to begin!!! .... YAY!!! ...[insert happy dance] ... And so that means it is time to clean out, organize and restock the old Caboodle ...  what is a caboodle? ... pretty much a makeup box with everything you might need to be show ready!

Quick Crafty Organizational project:

We found these small gift boxes at Michaels ... And thought they would be great to hold bobby pins, safety pins, hair clips and other little things like that ... So we added a horsey sticker and a label ... And we were done ...
An organzied caboodle is super helpful during a show... which can be crazy by itsself ...

Here is a list of some of my Fave caboodle items:
  • bobby pins
  • hair net
  • black electrical tape
  • face powder to reduce shine
  • mascara
  • tinted lipgloss
  • earrings
  • number magnets
  • safety pins
  • baby wipes
  • armor all wipes
  • makeup cleasing wipes
  • hair clip ( jeweled or small bow)
  • tie bar (for saddleseat riders)
  • small first aid supplies (bandaids, alcohol wipes, neosporin
  • small scissors
  • sewing kit with thread
  • granola bar
  • sharpie

Happy cantering :D