Friday, August 29, 2014

Horse Vlog: Saddle Soap

It's Friday after school and she wants to go to Tractor Supply for saddle soap... or so she says ;o)

... and let me just say... it takes a special kind of girl to get this excited about going to Tractor Supply XD ... These are the moments of a horse crazy girl :D

Happy Cantering :)

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Review: Tractor Supply Rain Boots

These rain boots are great! My absolute fave! Plus, I got them on sale for just $9.99! ...regularly priced at $19.99 ... That's half off....SWEET!!! I love Tractor Supply :)

So far I have tested them in the barn mucking stalls, walking around town ... And even splashed in a few puddles XD and they were GREAT!!! But, I accidentally got the wrong size so now when I walk my boots flip-flop around... well... actually.... I picked up my normal shoe size ... but the boots run large, so I should have tried them on in the store and I would have known to get a size down... So just make sure to try them on :) OOooo! Oh ya!  I love the print! What is better than horses galloping through lush pastures! If you get these boot I know that you will like them. They are comfortable and easy to walk around in! Just get the right size! 

Happy cantering :)

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Fabsome Horses the Trailer

Check out our new trailer for a fun little vlog coming soon... share in our experiences, our laughs, our craziness, and our fun :oD

We totally LOVE horses, and our love for them has given us the perfect mother-daughter hobby for some amazing quality time... from shopping and decorating  to  showing and mucking  XD we do it all... so come and join us on this Fabsome ride!... get it... fabsome "RIDE"... because we "ride" horses XD... OK, I will stop now....

Happy Cantering :oD