Saturday, August 23, 2014

Review: Tractor Supply Rain Boots

These rain boots are great! My absolute fave! Plus, I got them on sale for just $9.99! ...regularly priced at $19.99 ... That's half off....SWEET!!! I love Tractor Supply :)

So far I have tested them in the barn mucking stalls, walking around town ... And even splashed in a few puddles XD and they were GREAT!!! But, I accidentally got the wrong size so now when I walk my boots flip-flop around... well... actually.... I picked up my normal shoe size ... but the boots run large, so I should have tried them on in the store and I would have known to get a size down... So just make sure to try them on :) OOooo! Oh ya!  I love the print! What is better than horses galloping through lush pastures! If you get these boot I know that you will like them. They are comfortable and easy to walk around in! Just get the right size! 

Happy cantering :)