Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Justice Clothing Equestrian Fashion

That's right! Justice has added "equestrian" to their sportswear line ... An addition that has many of us horse girls going WOO HOO!!! 
We found a pull over hoodie,"equestrian" headband, a tee shirt that says "Jump and Ride" , and a pair of black tights that I have worn while riding with my half chaps.
 It is super comfy and easy to wash... Which is very important because things can get a little messy around the barn :)

Happy Cantering :)

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Breyer horse and animal photography

I just felt like taking some pics of some of our new barn friends 
... The deer... These are so amazing and the prefect little detail to any model horse barn... 
The limited edition polo pony... What a great face!!! 

Well I better get back to setting up my barn ... Post more pics later ;)

Happy cantering 

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Johnny's Saddle Pads

It's been raining all week. So now I can't wash Johnny's pads :(  I usually I wash Johnny's saddle pads on the driveway and then hang them up to dry on the porch. But since it has been raining so much, I've been having to switch out Johnny's clean saddle pads from his dirty ones. But then!!!!.... I ran out of clean saddle pads !!!! and now I have to use the pink ones from my storage bin... When I first started riding horses everything had to be pink... This was long before I got Johnny ...He looks kind of funny.  XD

My poor boy... Don't worry I will wash your blue and green ones soon ...
Happy cantering 

Friday, April 17, 2015

Working on my show caboodle

My horse show season is about to begin!!! .... YAY!!! ...[insert happy dance] ... And so that means it is time to clean out, organize and restock the old Caboodle ...  what is a caboodle? ... pretty much a makeup box with everything you might need to be show ready!

Quick Crafty Organizational project:

We found these small gift boxes at Michaels ... And thought they would be great to hold bobby pins, safety pins, hair clips and other little things like that ... So we added a horsey sticker and a label ... And we were done ...
An organzied caboodle is super helpful during a show... which can be crazy by itsself ...

Here is a list of some of my Fave caboodle items:
  • bobby pins
  • hair net
  • black electrical tape
  • face powder to reduce shine
  • mascara
  • tinted lipgloss
  • earrings
  • number magnets
  • safety pins
  • baby wipes
  • armor all wipes
  • makeup cleasing wipes
  • hair clip ( jeweled or small bow)
  • tie bar (for saddleseat riders)
  • small first aid supplies (bandaids, alcohol wipes, neosporin
  • small scissors
  • sewing kit with thread
  • granola bar
  • sharpie

Happy cantering :D

Saturday, March 7, 2015

Breyer Model Horse photography :D

run outside every chance I get to go on a Model Horse Photoshoot! XD I am totally cray-cray about them!!!  
And this cute little pair is one of my faves !
Happy cantering :)

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Tips from the Barn: add a little Charm

As the blankets and sheets were being pulled out of the storage bin preparing for the cold night... I asked my instructor, "how do you know who's is who's ?"  She replied, "some people write there name on the inside of the blanket, but that can look a little messy.... So I like to use dog tags."

DOG TAGS!!! How ingenious is that!!! So my mom and I were on the hunt to find dog tags... Then we came up with the idea to use fancy little bling-bling charms from the craft store in the jewelry making section... LOVE IT!!! 
We got the little bedazzled "J" for $2.50.
And I even made a cute little charm bracelet with the leftover charms to match my boy Johnny ;o)
We have the same heart ;o)... Get it! hahaha XD
happy cantering

Monday, January 26, 2015

Tips from the barn : a minty fresh bit

When I first got my horse, I couldn't wait to run over to the tack and feed shop to buy everything with a horse's face on it !!!


... And I quickly found out that horses are expensive $$$... Thankfully, many of the seasoned horse people at the barn are happy to share their tips and tricks for horse care... And here is one of my new faves : 

Listorine and a tooth brush is great for cleaning a bit! Just dip the tooth brush in the cap filled with listorine and brush the bit like it was a set of pearly whites :D  Rise... wipe clean with a cloth and your done :D

Happy Cantering 

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Sunny Day Breyer Horse Photo Shoot

The beautiful weather forced us outside today... So we grabbed a blanket, a few Breyer horses, a cell phone camera and walked out the front door...

... Laying in a grassy field under the warm   January sun, we set up our model horses and began to click away ...
Could this day be any more perfect? Happy day :oD ...and happy cantering