Saturday, December 13, 2014

Horse Vlog 6: Hands Up

Soooo.... I have had a lot of work to do and I have been working really hard to get ready for my next horse show in Perry...Perry... PERRY!!!
... check out episode 6 of Fabsome Horses to see my battle with "hands up" ;o)

Happy Cantering :oD

Monday, December 1, 2014

Schleich Advent Calendar Surprise

I'm so excited to open my advent calendar. When I saw that Schleich made a horse advent calendar I went totally crazy!!! My parents bought it a few weeks ago at Hobby Town USA, and I have been staring at it everyday bursting with anticipation o_O
 Now that it is Dec 1st, I can start ripping open those tiny little paperboard doors!!! Awesome!!!!!!!!!
What is behind door #1..... Too much suspense... I can't take it anymore .... D:   aaaaAAAhhhh!!!!
Awwwww!!!! This is the adorable foal that I got out of the calendar for day 1! Sooooo cuuuuttteee !!!! He will just LOVE living in my barn ! :oD
Happy Cantering ;o)
... Can't wait until tomorrow ;)

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

The Chirstmas List of a Horse Crazy Girl ;)

To all my friends and family ... just in case you were looking for the perfect gift for "moi" ;)

Breyer Model Horse Stuff: Traditional size 
1.Breyer horses truck and trailer ... $80.00 each (sold seperatly) I know it's a lot but it's worth it ;) Traditional horses can be found at Hobby Town USA

2.Breyer horse "Ballou" ... $39.99  Just so you know all Breyers costs about that much unless you find them at Tuesday Morning then they are way cheaper  like $19.99

3.Newmarcket Blanket traditional size... $9.99 the more the better I have lots of horses 

4.Hunter/Jumper bridle traditional size... $11.99 again feel free to repeat purchase

5.English Riding Accessory Set traditional size...$19.99 need to go along with bridle

Schleich Model Horse Stuff
1. I would really like the barn.... The cream one with the red roof.... It is at hobby town USA and toysrus

2. The horse washing stall.... Hobby town USA...I think it is $25.00

3. The pony and cart....hobby town USA .... I think it is $25.00

4. As many plaid horse (not pony)  blankets as I can get...I think they are $5.99 each at hobby town USA 

5. Oh ya....I need the truck / jeep to pull the trailer I already have... I think it is at hobby town and toysrus for $34.99

Riding Stuff for "moi"
1. Saddleseat saddle ... I know this is a big ticket item... But I have grown out of my old saddle.... so I kind of really need this 

2. Dressage Saddle... and, since I am learning dressage now, I kind of need one of these too.

3. saddle pads... $19.99 at Dover Saddlery plus $9.99 if you decided to get it monogrammed... Orders must be made online before Dec 7 for the holidays .... Hint... Hint ;D

To be continued...

Happy cantering :D

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Horse Vlog : The Last Few Weeks

I can't believe how time has flown by!!! and BOY! I have been super busy running from the show barn to Johnny and to horse shows!.... but I am not complaining.... I LOVE IT!

check out our latest webisode of Fabsome horses :oD

Okay , so maybe I am having a little trouble flipping back and forth between saddleseat and dressage... ;o)

happy cantering :oD

Monday, October 20, 2014

Horse Product Review : Fly Spray

Ok, so... If you are around horses then you know all about the flies that follow them ... And bite them... And are just a big buzzing pain! And, you also know that fly spray is a must! But which fly spray is best?
Well, me being the green person that I am choose Absorbine Ultra Shield Green - the natural fly repellent... Eco-friendly and all that jazz... Except for that fact that it kept the flies off for about 20 minutes poor horse was an all-you-can-eat buffet and the flies were all going for seconds... No, make that thirds! :(
So I had to up my game to the Ultra Shield EX.... And the flies stayed away from its toxic flumes ... Go figure...

Will I ever try to go all natural again? ... I'm pretty sure that is a yes...but for now I sticking with what keeps the flies away.

Notes: my instructor said to try adding Avon's Skin so soft to the fly spray or oil of Citronella ... I haven't tried it yet, but we will let you know when we do :oD

Happy cantering :oD

Monday, October 6, 2014

Breyer Horse Photography : The Herd

After a long walk in the woods the herd needs a drink of cool spring water.
Happy Cantering :oD 

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Breyer Horse Photography : GG Valentine and Snowman

Look at this Fabsome photo of GG Valentine and Snowman...
This photo was taken by mom in Kenessaw Mountain in a big green lush field just as the sun was setting. I love the fact Snowman's neck glows. It's so cool! We hope you enjoy this Fabsome photo.  

Happy cantering!

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Horse Vlog : New Horse

So Excited!!!! I just got my very first HORSE!!!!
But... It has not been as easy as I thought it was going to be... and I think my mom is kind of freaky out, even though she is trying not to show it ...

Looks like we have a long way to go :/ wish us luck....
Happy Cantering :)

Monday, September 22, 2014

Breyer Horse Photography: Snowman

The sun was setting and it was just the perfect time for natural lense flares. So we put our breyer horses in a bag on our backs (carefully wrapped in towels of course) and went on a photo shoot on Kennesaw Mountain... while my little brother drove his R.C car.... We got tons of photos, so expect more  on Model Horse Monday. :oD 

Happy Cantering! :oD

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Schleich Dressage Set

This set was found at HobbyTown .U.S.A.  I love the way that the tack is so easy to put on and the reins can pop on and off. However, I thought the  figure was difficult to get on and I wasn't able to get the reins in her hands. I like these figurines for their realistic features and I love their scale... Not too big, not too small.... but..... I wish the people were posable.... and came in different skin tones ... Still, I am not sure which model horse scale I will build my barn in... Traditional Breyers or Schleich... Choices...

  Happy Cantering!

Monday, September 15, 2014

Breyer Horse Photography : Custom Stablemate Photo

This photo was taken in my backyard. My mom, my brother and I painted these horses at BreyerFest 2014 in the arts and crafts booth. I love this photo because I can say " I painted those horses in that photo!" The horses names are... Black Hole - my brother painted and named that one.... Breezy - the dapple gray painted by my mom... Hay Face  - the bay stallion painted by me ( funny story behind that name... that is what we call my little bother whenever he touches hay , his eyes get all watery... OK, well maybe that is not so funny ):  ... and Captain Janeway the black one the front, also painted by me but named by my mom ... she kind of likes Star Trek XD

These horses are great for photography :oD
 Happy Cantering!

Horse Vlog : Olde Milton Horse Show

Horse shows are crazy fun! ... there is just so much that you have to do to get ready for one! ... the clothes, the hair, the makeup... and most importantly!!! the horse!!!... 

... but nothing beats the excitement of horse show :oD check out the clips 

OK, so I broke with tradition this time and didn't get a Breyer... but a horse crazy girl can love all horses,  right XD.... and... there is always next time :oD
happy cantering :oD

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Review: Stablemate Rescue Trailer, Mystery Foal Pack, and New ArrivalSet

I found these great deals at Tuesday Mornings... only the best place to find Breyers at almost half off! XD   Stablemates Mystery Foal Surprise, Lights & Siren Animal Rescue Set, and the New Arrival Set ...AWESOME !!!

In the  Mystery Foal Set we got a palomino mare and a Bukskin stallion with a light palomino mystery foal. Yay! I like the mystery sets because it's so much fun to wonder what your gonna get! Almost like having a real foal :oD

The Lights and Siren Animal Rescue Set has a truck and a three horse trailer. There is a ramp that you can pull out so your horses can walk in and out the trailer. It also comes with a tack area,  a light that really works, and a siren that makes an alarm sound. I love this set! I love the way the lights and siren make playtime so realistic ... Sometimes my brother "aciddently" scares me with it... Little brothers ;o)  

The New Arrival set comes with... a sack of hay, a water bucket ( which is a little big for the scale when compared to the 1:32 scale people... just saying), a trough of hay, a tack box, and a fence. I think this set was great! The fence folds out in a square and your foal can play around til his/hers heart's content :oD This set has a black mare and a black foal... just happens to be the same mold as the foal we got in the Mystery Foal Set...but it is still awesome :)

These pieces are great and are a wonderful gift or toy for any girl or boy :)

Happy Cantering!

Monday, September 8, 2014

Breyer Horse Photography : Dillon

It is Model Horse Monday and Dillon is a horse that enjoys his freedom and would do any thing to keep it. 
"Hooves Pounding, Heart Racing...I'm Free"...

Happy Cantering

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Horse Vlog : Horse Shopping

so it is official... we are getting our first horse :oD

 ...but which horse should we get? 
take a look at our horse shopping journey :oD

buying a horse is a lot of work! You have to drive all over the place to meet and test out horses... talk about a learning experience! Plus, we learned that it is a good idea to get a vet to check out the horse "before" you buy it :o/ which can cost from $200 to $500!!!! WHAT!!! I think I am going to be a horse vet when I grow up!

Happy Cantering

Review: Horse Art at Cracker Barrel

I was having breakfast at Cracker Barrel with my family .... Awesome Sunday afternoon :D and on my way out... I found these beautiful horse photos for only $24.99 and $19.99. I had to have them for my room so I asked my mom and she said yes!! ... YAY!!!
I Love these Fabsome new horse photos! They are prints on canvas stretched over a wooden frame. Both photos feature a close-up of a horse's face with his/her mane blowing in the wind. 

If you have a horse themed room, want a horse themed room, or would just love to look at a pretty  horse...then these would be a great addition to your room... And we hope to find more in the future :D....

P.S. Horse Photographer, if you are reading this .... then horse hooves galloping on a dusty road would be awesome... Just a suggestion :D

Happy Cantering!

Friday, August 29, 2014

Horse Vlog: Saddle Soap

It's Friday after school and she wants to go to Tractor Supply for saddle soap... or so she says ;o)

... and let me just say... it takes a special kind of girl to get this excited about going to Tractor Supply XD ... These are the moments of a horse crazy girl :D

Happy Cantering :)

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Review: Tractor Supply Rain Boots

These rain boots are great! My absolute fave! Plus, I got them on sale for just $9.99! ...regularly priced at $19.99 ... That's half off....SWEET!!! I love Tractor Supply :)

So far I have tested them in the barn mucking stalls, walking around town ... And even splashed in a few puddles XD and they were GREAT!!! But, I accidentally got the wrong size so now when I walk my boots flip-flop around... well... actually.... I picked up my normal shoe size ... but the boots run large, so I should have tried them on in the store and I would have known to get a size down... So just make sure to try them on :) OOooo! Oh ya!  I love the print! What is better than horses galloping through lush pastures! If you get these boot I know that you will like them. They are comfortable and easy to walk around in! Just get the right size! 

Happy cantering :)

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Fabsome Horses the Trailer

Check out our new trailer for a fun little vlog coming soon... share in our experiences, our laughs, our craziness, and our fun :oD

We totally LOVE horses, and our love for them has given us the perfect mother-daughter hobby for some amazing quality time... from shopping and decorating  to  showing and mucking  XD we do it all... so come and join us on this Fabsome ride!... get it... fabsome "RIDE"... because we "ride" horses XD... OK, I will stop now....

Happy Cantering :oD