Monday, December 1, 2014

Schleich Advent Calendar Surprise

I'm so excited to open my advent calendar. When I saw that Schleich made a horse advent calendar I went totally crazy!!! My parents bought it a few weeks ago at Hobby Town USA, and I have been staring at it everyday bursting with anticipation o_O
 Now that it is Dec 1st, I can start ripping open those tiny little paperboard doors!!! Awesome!!!!!!!!!
What is behind door #1..... Too much suspense... I can't take it anymore .... D:   aaaaAAAhhhh!!!!
Awwwww!!!! This is the adorable foal that I got out of the calendar for day 1! Sooooo cuuuuttteee !!!! He will just LOVE living in my barn ! :oD
Happy Cantering ;o)
... Can't wait until tomorrow ;)