Monday, January 26, 2015

Tips from the barn : a minty fresh bit

When I first got my horse, I couldn't wait to run over to the tack and feed shop to buy everything with a horse's face on it !!!


... And I quickly found out that horses are expensive $$$... Thankfully, many of the seasoned horse people at the barn are happy to share their tips and tricks for horse care... And here is one of my new faves : 

Listorine and a tooth brush is great for cleaning a bit! Just dip the tooth brush in the cap filled with listorine and brush the bit like it was a set of pearly whites :D  Rise... wipe clean with a cloth and your done :D

Happy Cantering 

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Sunny Day Breyer Horse Photo Shoot

The beautiful weather forced us outside today... So we grabbed a blanket, a few Breyer horses, a cell phone camera and walked out the front door...

... Laying in a grassy field under the warm   January sun, we set up our model horses and began to click away ...
Could this day be any more perfect? Happy day :oD ...and happy cantering