Thursday, September 11, 2014

Review: Stablemate Rescue Trailer, Mystery Foal Pack, and New ArrivalSet

I found these great deals at Tuesday Mornings... only the best place to find Breyers at almost half off! XD   Stablemates Mystery Foal Surprise, Lights & Siren Animal Rescue Set, and the New Arrival Set ...AWESOME !!!

In the  Mystery Foal Set we got a palomino mare and a Bukskin stallion with a light palomino mystery foal. Yay! I like the mystery sets because it's so much fun to wonder what your gonna get! Almost like having a real foal :oD

The Lights and Siren Animal Rescue Set has a truck and a three horse trailer. There is a ramp that you can pull out so your horses can walk in and out the trailer. It also comes with a tack area,  a light that really works, and a siren that makes an alarm sound. I love this set! I love the way the lights and siren make playtime so realistic ... Sometimes my brother "aciddently" scares me with it... Little brothers ;o)  

The New Arrival set comes with... a sack of hay, a water bucket ( which is a little big for the scale when compared to the 1:32 scale people... just saying), a trough of hay, a tack box, and a fence. I think this set was great! The fence folds out in a square and your foal can play around til his/hers heart's content :oD This set has a black mare and a black foal... just happens to be the same mold as the foal we got in the Mystery Foal Set...but it is still awesome :)

These pieces are great and are a wonderful gift or toy for any girl or boy :)

Happy Cantering!